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Site Closing11/10/2001

I am sorry, but I must take leave of IPTCG. It has become almost impossible to update this site with all that's been happening around me. The instiBoard will always be up and I will post there as often as possible. That is the only part of IPTCG will stay standing. The rest of the pages will still be available, but it may become not useful information later on. Please check out the instiBoard. Thanks!

instiBoard News10/23/2001

I have just added some new forums to the instiBoard and I need new moderators. Several new categories were added including "Anime/Manga" and a special "Announcements" category that holds the "instiBoard/IPTCG Times" Forum. Within the "Anime/Manga" section, new forums include: Ranma 1/2 Chat, Gundam Wing Corner, Dragonball Z Discussion, Cardcaptor Talk, and Other Anime/Manga Topics. A new addition to the "Fan Stuff" is the General Fan Fiction section.

News Scroller10/15/2001

The news scroller on the left, above the navbar, is now working full functionally. Netscape users now get the scrolling news as well as IE users. I keep as many of the news reports on the scroller as possible, but sometimes I cannot. Those old news reports will be stored within an "archive" located at the Pokémon News section. Other than the archive, the present news will be at the top.


Here is a completely new layout for the month of October. It will stay like this probably for a while, but I feel that it is so far the best color scheme and design yet. The news marquee on the left only works in MSIE however. I have still incorporated some of the old features of the blue/white color layout. This layout is based upon an orange/black/white color scheme is the best so far. Tell me what you think about it in the guestbook or email me your opinions. It will take a while for me to convert this layout to the other pages, but otherwise, it is done. Thanks!

Deck Designs9/29/2001

There is a new addition to the deck section. Many new design "blueprints" are finished within this sections. A total of approximately 30 new building ideas are posted. If you have one that is not posted there, please email me and I will post it. Please follow the rules that are listed on the deck-design section located here.

Message Board Change8/25/2001

I have just decided on returning to the old EZBoard community of instiBoard. The old messages are still there and I will try to add all of the previous messages on the ikonboard to the EZBoard. I am changing back to EZBoard because of two reasons. One is that it was becoming almost impossible to manage it through a separate server. Second of all I have received some complaints that the ikonboard would not admit some topics. Please understand the change and please email me with any problems.

New Design8/23/2001

I hope you like this new design better than the old one. I have gone back to simplicity. Updates will be posted as soon as possible. Anything else is the same except that I have changed the navigation bar slightly. The long list of spoilers and price guides has been shortened to the basics. I hope you understand that this speeds up the loading of every page. Please email me any comments, suggestions, or constructive critism.

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  • MS Internet Explorer 4+, Netscape 3+, or any browser that supports CSS and JavaScript
  • 800X600 or higher pixel resolution (recommended)
  • 256 colors (16-bit color or higher recommended)
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